Top 10 Mistakes Made by Freelance Writers

As a writing instructor, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of freelance writers who are having difficulty earning a living in their chosen industry. Even though the causes of their issues could be any number of things, I’ve observed that indie authors with varying levels of experience frequently commit the same kind of errors. I’m going to talk about the top 10 blunders that freelance writers do and offer some advise on how to avoid making those mistakes in this piece. Writers who are interested in having a successful and enjoyable career as a freelance writer might avoid these concerns by not doing the activity in question.

1. Lack of Expertise in Creating Effective Cover Letters and Questions

Many new contract writers never take the time to learn how to write a cover letter or a cover letter that gets them hired. People who keep writing contracts get better at it over time, but when they first start out, they waste a lot of time writing questions and cover letters that don’t sell water to the dying.

2. Low Price

This is possibly the biggest mistake that most independent writers make. They also often have jobs that don’t pay well. They don’t charge that much because they don’t know how long a job will take or how much work it will be. They should quickly add 10% to any estimate they give a prospect because the job will probably take more time and work than they think.

3. Lack of Attention

It has to do with not knowing what you’re going to do. Many writers never take the time to figure out what they really like to write. Instead, they started writing on their own because they figured they would take any job they could get. Most of the time, they don’t like their job, so they quit before they even begin. And there are a lot of writers who are happy to do any job. It is much better to become an expert in one area and focus on that.

4. No Real Plan for Work

A plan is like a map. If you don’t know where you’re going when you start, how will you know when to get there? Take the time to make a work plan so you know exactly what your freelance writing job should look like. Then, make sure that your plan has clear, consistent steps for making that work.

5. No Marketing Strategy.

Many independent writers aren’t good at marketing themselves, so they don’t have a real plan for how to get the word out about their writing services. Freelancers always need to market their writing goods and services, and they need a specific plan to do so.

6. A Bad Resume for a Skilled Job

Too many freelance writers keep using the same resume they’ve used for years instead of making a professional resume that draws clients and gets them high-paying jobs.

7. Not Much or Any Follow-Up

Most people won’t hire you just because they look at your website, blog, or business card. They must know you, like you, and trust you. In other words, you need a way to get in touch with people who ask about your writing services by calling, emailing, or visiting your website. If you are good at following, you will always have people to prescribe for.

8. No or Little Training

For example, if you want to become one of the best-paid copywriters, you need to spend time and money learning how to write good copy. If you want to write books for kids, you should take classes that teach you how to do so. Don’t just think that if you like writing, you can write about anything and get paid for it.

9. Being Afraid to Take on Jobs that Pay Well

Many new workers are too afraid to even try to get well-paying jobs. Because of this, simple jobs take them months or even years to finish. You have to go after jobs that pay well if you want them. Don’t be afraid to do this; look for well-paying work. You will get your money’s worth if you learn and work hard to become a good writer.

10. No Portfolio, Website, or Blog on the Internet

Every freelance writer should have a website or blog or some other kind of online profile. Writers should put their work and a list of the writing services they offer on that site. The website must also look like it was made by a professional. If you don’t know how to make a website, you should hire a professional to help you.


As an independent writer, the key to doing well is to avoid making common mistakes. By making a clear career plan, focusing on a specific niche, investing in training, making the most of your question and cover letter skills, making a professional resume and online presence, setting fair rates, and looking for well-paid tasks, you can carry out a marketing plan. You can also set yourself up for growth and wealth by making follow-up a top priority. Remember that freelancing needs you to learn new things, change, and stick with it. If you fix these ten mistakes, you’ll be able to face problems and build a successful freelance writing job.


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